Memoir: Enhance Your Limited Memories

A Conversation with Brooke Warner

One of the challenges memoir writers face is recalling the details of events that occurred years ago. Memoirists needn’t discouraged by limited memories of valid emotional experiences of real events.  I abandoned my memoir and wrote historical fiction instead for lack of detailed memories of childhood events. Beyond the Silk Mills began as memoir and diverged, because I hadn’t yet considered that many of the the techniques of good fiction writing can justifiably be employed in memoir, which is the art of Creative Non-Fiction.

In this part of my conversation with Brooke Warner we discussed ways that memoir or Creative Non-Fiction gives … Read More

My Teenage Idol

Dinner and Jacks at Angie’s, My Teenage Idol

I was a bee, crammed in a hive with incessant buzzing around me. Nana was the queen, situated in her own quiet bedroom. Mom and Dad slept in the converted living room with baby Jon’s cradle pushed up against their bed, leaving little room for their armoire doors to open. I shared a bedroom with three-year-old Michael.

Most of the time we inhabited the hive with a minimum of collisions, but sometimes it was too much for me. That’s when I would escape to visit my teenage idol, Angie, who lived with … Read More

Details for Your Memoir: What Can You Recall?

Can You Truly Remember All the Details?search.jpg

If you’ve been hesitating to write your life stories for future generations, one impediment might be a concern that you can’t remember exact details for your memoir. I doubt any of us can recall enough details about the past to create a compelling read. Adding to this uncertainty, your friends and family may have different recollections about the same incident. Let’s examine these two dilemmas.

Siblings Disagree About Memoir Details

My brother read one of my stories about a summer day in Paterson, NJ when a teenager turned on the fire hydrant … Read More

Leslie’s News: May 2015

ManhattanMini_c1_highresCamille Minichino is my favorite ‘cozy’ mystery author. I just finished reading her Killer in the Cloister, a page turner in which 28-year-old Sister Francesca who is studying at a large university in the Bronx becomes involved in uncovering the mysterious death of her new Mother Superior. I was hooked! I suspect you’ll also be hooked on her latest mystery set in another area of NYC.

Manhattan, Big and Little

One of the many reasons … Read More

A Brownie Scout in the Fifties


I wasn’t my sit-up-and-fold-your-hands self on Brownie meeting day. Instead of my usual attentive behavior in school, I had trouble keeping still on Tuesdays. My wooden seat was harder on this day than other days, and the confinement of its attached desk made me squirm.

I worried about the bus. Would it be on time? Would I miss it? I worried about my seven cents fare, and I reached into my sock to feel the nickel and two pennies at every … Read More