Memoir Workshop– One Family Story at a Time

Memoir Workshop: One Family Story at a Time

The Most Important Thing You Can Leave Your Children Is the Story of Your Life. So few of us have taken the time to write our personal stories for future generations. Excuses about time, expertise, and self-confidence pour from our lips.  That’s why I’m devoting my energies helping people to jump-start their memoirs One Story at a Time.

My next workshop is at Towne Center Books, 555 Main Street, Pleasanton, CA. Please join me there for two hours of of recalling and writing.

It’s the Story of Your Life!

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Memoir or Autobiography?

To think of writing an autobiography is overwhelming, but consider writing a memoir one story at a time and it’s doable.

We want to write our family stories, yet may wince at the thought of an autobiography, a daunting word to say the least. Matilda Butler clarifies the difference between memoir and autobiography here.

“An autobiography is—and one of the ways I think about that is as if it was a whole pie –it’s everything. But when you think about a memoir, it’s really a slice of your life.” The interview with Matilda is well worth the read.

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My Teenage Idol

Dinner and Jacks at Angie’s, My Teenage Idol

I was a bee, crammed in a hive with incessant buzzing around me. Nana was the queen, situated in her own quiet bedroom. Mom and Dad slept in the converted living room with baby Jon’s cradle pushed up against their bed, leaving little room for their armoire doors to open. I shared a bedroom with three-year-old Michael.

Most of the time we inhabited the hive with a minimum of collisions, but sometimes it was too much for me. That’s when I would escape to visit my teenage idol, Angie, who lived with … Read More

Be a Memoir Writer Now: Resources

Remember Childhood

Be a Memoir Writer Now

The most valuable gift you can give your loved ones and future generations is the story of your life. Become a memoir writer. No one else can imbue your children and grandchildren with a sense of their family history than you, whose childhood blossomed in an era that would otherwise be forgotten.

In my experience as a long-time educator I discovered that children with a strong sense of family distinctiveness performed better in school than … Read More

Details for Your Memoir: What Can You Recall?

Can You Truly Remember All the Details?search.jpg

If you’ve been hesitating to write your life stories for future generations, one impediment might be a concern that you can’t remember exact details for your memoir. I doubt any of us can recall enough details about the past to create a compelling read. Adding to this uncertainty, your friends and family may have different recollections about the same incident. Let’s examine these two dilemmas.

Siblings Disagree About Memoir Details

My brother read one of my stories about a summer day in Paterson, NJ when a teenager turned on the fire hydrant … Read More

How to Portray Emotions in Memoir

leslie-in-open-space-6-16How to portray emotions in memoir is a writer’s challenge, and the most difficult avenue for me is through the character’s inner sensations. That’s why I often pause to reflect and take note of my inner self, especially when I’m walking alone.

Today while taking my morning hike, I sat on a bench and gazed up at an exquisite oak tree, its branches entwined with designs of negative space with the clear blue sky behind it. I thought about forests and then running through … Read More