Jump-Start Your Memoir Now…One Story at a Time

In Remembering Childhood, Workbook Your Way to a Finished Memoir, you’ll earn how to write a memoir that conveys the powerful feelings that your memories hold. With the help of Leslie’s expertly crafted vignettes to invoke them, you’ll recapture your cherished remembrances of the people you have known and the poignant events of your early life.

These memoir examples are useful as writing models. Each vignette is paired with writing instructions and blank workbook pages for you to write your own story. With 70 different prompts, you’ll find it a pleasure to assemble ideas and impressions, to write with confidence, and construct a memoir you will be proud to share.


Now you can have your book in hand and watch the videos!
Jump-Start Your Memoir videos provide tips about how to overcome hurdles that prevent you from initiating, writing and completing an engaging memoir.

Video 1: Jump-Start Your Memoir: You Can Write That Memoir Now
Put aside hesitations and get inspired to begin or finish writing your memoir.

Video 2: Jump-Start Your Memoir: How Accurate Is Your Memory?
Learn how you can write an authentic memoir even if you can’t remember exact details of the past.

Video 3: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Consider Purpose and Audience
Consider your reasons for writing a memoir, determine who your readers will be, and set your focus.

Video 4: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Consider Content and Reader
Decide which aspect of your life you plan to highlight and what you want your readers to learn about you.

Video 5: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Skeletons in the Closet
Give considered forethought to family secrets and dark times in your past to avoid inadvertent pain to loved ones.

Video 6: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Axe Those Tired Verbs
Discover how to find and use powerful verbs to add vitality to your writing.

Video 7: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Create Authentic Dialog
Replace narrative prose with informative dialog that reflects the speaker’s personality.

Video 8: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Paint Unique Characters
Use interests, sensory details, and characteristic behaviors to show each person’s distinctive temperament.

Video 9: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Paint Vivid Settings
Visualize a scene in terms of its unique colors, sounds, odors, textures, and even associated taste. Make each detail capture your readers’ imagination.

Video 10: Jump-Start Your Memoir: Where Do I Go From Here?
Stick to it. Commit to revising your stories with the regular support of other writers, online sources, and local classes.

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