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TheHistoryGirlEnter The History Girl’s  Beyond the Silk Mills Giveaway

March 15, 2015

Kelly’s website about New Jersey history is a great place to learn about unique New Jersey historic sites and heritage. The resources and articles are intriguing.
On March 15th, 2015 at 6 pm, Kelly, the history girl, will sponsor a giveaway of two signed copies of my book, Beyond the Silk Mills. My article about Paterson will appear on March 18.

Visit The History Girl at http://www.thehistorygirl.com/2015/03/beyond-the-silk-mills-rupley.html to enter to win. Tell your Friends!

Current Research: I Could Use Your Recommendations

Research-DesignEmma, Sophie, and Aaron will live on in the sequel to Beyond the Silk Mills. When the Lights Go On Again is my working title, and I’ll take my characters from 1930 to 1945. You’ll meet a new family and find out how the Silk Mill families resolve issues that festered in their lives before 1929.

Research for this volume is extensive, as you may imagine. So much happened in the 30’s and 40’s that will shape the lives of Aaron and Sophie and their families.

Imagine the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, events leading to WWII and the war itself.

If you have suggestions for my reading or if you have a burning issue about the Epstein extended family, let me know!

Emma’s History and Her Chicken Soup Recipe


As told to Leslie by her grandmother who learned it from her own mother Greta, and so on back in time.

Summer of 1888: Emma wore her heavy boots and home spun dress as she made her way through the narrow cobbled streets in Balut, the Jewish Ghetto in Lodz, Poland. She was on her way to the butcher. Even as a girl she had a purposeful stride as she threaded her way through the alleys, beyond the tailor’s shop, foot pedals whirring, and the the local produce on this Market Day. Most people were inured to the smell of draymen’s horses that were housed in close quarters within the shtetl, but Emma covered her nose as she scurried beyond it. ….

If you would like to learn about Emma’s history in Balut, the Jewish ghetto of Lodz, Poland and get a copy of the chicken soup recipe that she learned from her mother, sign up for my Email Newsletter.

Book Clubs

book-Club-CBT-3-15I’ve been very fortunate to visit book club meetings in the greater San Francisco Area in person and others by Skype. It’s been fun to meet the people who’ve read my book, to hear their responses, and to answer their questions about my writing.

Email me if you’d like to schedule a meeting time.



If you have an unsigned copy of Beyond the Silk Mills and would like a personalized signature on a Deco bookplate, send your preferred wording and a SASE to

Leslie Rupley, Dameliam Books
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Happy to accommodate!


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