Jump-start Your “No-Big-Deal” Memoir

REMEMBERING CHILDHOOD: Workbook Your Way to a Finished Memoir

Jump-start Your No-Big-Deal Memoir Now! Coming Early 2016


For years I’d been writing short vignettes about my childhood, nothing that I considered of use to anyone—brief images, recollections of family, friends, events. I came upon them in my search for a missing file on my computer, opened them all, and began to read. It took me a year to turn those little recollections into a book that could help you to write your No-Big-Deal memoir.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to write your stories for your family, or you have an important story that needs to be told. A family memoir need not be a Big Deal to write. Read the vignettes of my 50’s childhood, some nostalgic, some bittersweet, and others, stories of family travails to trigger your related memories and begin right now.

Use my vignettes with the questions that follow each one to open the door to your own recollections and retrieve the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings you’ve stored there. Write them on the pages provided in my book  or in a separate notebook.

Remembering Childhood: Workbook Your Way to a Finished Memoir will be released in Fall of 2016!

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