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Remember Childhood

Be a Memoir Writer Now

The most valuable gift you can give your loved ones and future generations is the story of your life. Become a memoir writer. No one else can imbue your children and grandchildren with a sense of their family history than you, whose childhood blossomed in an era that would otherwise be forgotten.

In my experience as a long-time educator I discovered that children with a strong sense of family distinctiveness performed better in school than those youngsters who were alienated from their family’s history. Those who cherished stories about their grandparents and other ancestors exhibited pride that translated to success.

Don’t let your past blur into extinction. Your life lessons, the story of your time and place in history, and your unique outlook should provide understanding and perhaps guidance for future generations.

Here are some resources to start you on your way as a memoir writer.

Stimulate Childhood Memories

Stimulate long forgotten childhood memories when you read 70 stories about my childhood. Writing prompts that accompany each story will help you to initiate your writing and keep on going. Videos provide tips about how to make your stories engaging to your readers.

Remembering Childhood: Workbook Your Way to a Finished Memoir will launch on September 15, 2016, and it’s my contribution to the available resources for memoir writers. Below are some websites that can also inspire you to start and to improve your writing.

Astounding  Resources for Memoir Writers

National Association of Memoir Writers: Linda Joy Meyers offers workshops, classes, newsletters and other resources.

Memoir Writer’s Journey Blog: Kathy Pooler offers a comprehensive list of resources including how-to memoir books, books about how to write, and a list of websites dedicated to memoir writing.

Creative Writing Now – Creative Writing Ideas Blog: Nancy Strauss includes a memoir section that is packed with 59 memoir ideas

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