Details for Your Memoir: What Can You Recall?

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If you’ve been hesitating to write your life stories for future generations, one impediment might be a concern that you can’t remember exact details for your memoir. I doubt any of us can recall enough details about the past to create a compelling read. Adding to this uncertainty, your friends and family may have different recollections about the same incident. Let’s examine these two dilemmas.

Siblings Disagree About Memoir Details

My brother read one of my stories about a summer day in Paterson, NJ when a teenager turned on the fire hydrant … Read More

Family Secrets in Your Personal Memoir?

What Family Secrets Lurk in Your Closet?

We all have skeletons in our closets, but how many family secrets should our stories expose? Some are trivial secrets about family members and friends. They have little valance at this point in our lives, yet others have more consequence and might affect people who are living today. An example could be a child born “out of wedlock” generations ago. A divorce or family feud might linger in your memory. An old injury inflicted by a family member might fester and beg to be told.

Students in my memoir classes ask if they should include family secrets in their … Read More