Becoming June Cleaver

Becoming June Cleaver, A 1950s Education


from Remembering Childhood: An Interactive Memoir

Why can’t I play with the blocks? I liked my dolls, but I’d wanted other options from as early as I can remember. In kindergarten, girls played “school,” “nurse,” or “dolls,” while the boys got to play with wooden blocks, fire engines, and toy trucks. I’d peek over the half wall that separated the boys’ and girls’ play areas to watch intense little guys build blocks and noisy guys imitate fire engine sounds, but another girl, or worse yet, the teacher, would coax me back to my place.

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REMEMBERING CHILDHOOD: Workbook Your Way to a Finished Memoir

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For years I’d been writing short vignettes about my childhood, nothing that I considered of use to anyone—brief images, recollections of family, friends, events. I came upon them in my search for a missing file on my computer, opened them all, and began to read. It took me a year to turn those little recollections into a book that could help … Read More