Leslie’s News: May 2015

ManhattanMini_c1_highresCamille Minichino is my favorite ‘cozy’ mystery author. I just finished reading her Killer in the Cloister, a page turner in which 28-year-old Sister Francesca who is studying at a large university in the Bronx becomes involved in uncovering the mysterious death of her new Mother Superior. I was hooked! I suspect you’ll also be hooked on her latest mystery set in another area of NYC.

Manhattan, Big and Little

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A Brownie Scout in the Fifties


I wasn’t my sit-up-and-fold-your-hands self on Brownie meeting day. Instead of my usual attentive behavior in school, I had trouble keeping still on Tuesdays. My wooden seat was harder on this day than other days, and the confinement of its attached desk made me squirm.

I worried about the bus. Would it be on time? Would I miss it? I worried about my seven cents fare, and I reached into my sock to feel the nickel and two pennies at every … Read More