eBooks or Paper?

trieste-cover-e1421695495480To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

I bought an original Kindle years ago. I used it faithfully until it gave out, and then I got an iPad and a small Kindle to keep in my purse for those odd moments. Aside from the paper or hardback books I buy for research to freely mark them up and skim through the pages, I didn’t think I would ever read fiction in paper again.

That was before Trieste. About four months ago I was captivated by … Read More

Playing Jacks

East Twenty-Second Street in Paterson, New Jersey was part of a healthy, working-class community in the nineteen fifties. Everyone on the block knew each other, with no distinction between the Italians, the Irish, the Protestants, and the Jews. We all played together, our folks shopped at the same mom and pop stores, and went in and out of each other’s homes. The houses were all two and three family structures. Many of the Italians lived as extended families, occupying all of the apartments in a building as well as adjacent buildings.

We lived on the third floor of a wooden … Read More