Stranded by a Machu Picchu Flood

Stranded by a Machu Picchu Flood

PART IV: Later in Day Three

Part III ended shortly before dawn of the third day as we waited in vain for help from our US Diplomatic Corps representative, Abraham. We were mobbed at the gate that we thought would lead to an evacuation helicopter.

At dawn on Tuesday we watched and waited among the shoving, but exhausted mob. It occurred to us that the helicopter pad was not at the town’s soccer field as we had supposed, but rather in a more remote location beyond the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Hotel situated near the railroad … Read More

Pitfalls of Writing Historical Fiction

leslie reading a bookPitfalls of Writing Historical Fiction or Mired in Research

Part I:    The Onset of Research Addiction

“Great news!” I told my husband. “I have the makings of my first novel. I’m going to write about an immigrant wife’s aspirations for wealth and power and about her husband who doesn’t care about having money.”

The historian in him jumped to attention. He was full of questions. When? What was life like for immigrants?

“I’ve outlined the story. Emma comes to America in 1900.”

Bill doesn’t normally interrupt, but this … Read More

Stranded by a Machu Picchu Flood

Stranded by a Machu Picchu Flood

PART III: Day Three

While we waited in an increasingly hostile mob near the entrance to the evacuation site, a self-appointed American representative pushed his way forward to express his opinion. “Let’s make a list of all the Americans who are trying to exit.” We completed yet another list for who knows what purpose.

Much later in the afternoon, a few groups of elders at the front of the ‘line’ straggled back to their hotels. We held fast, still hoping to reach the front. Finally at about dinnertime our weary group realized that there … Read More